Tight Head Plastic Container

High quality plastic container used for carrying flammable liquids.

Available in 20l & 25l sizes.

Steel Containers

Used for the safe storage of hazardous chemicals in warehouses and drum stores.

Available in 53l & 60l sizes.


  • The specific hazardous chemical safety data sheet (SDS) must first be assessed in order to review the chemical properties and associated hazards
  • A risk assessment must be carried out to determine if the storage are is adequate for hazardous chemicals
  • Incompatible chemicals must be properly segregated according to the chemical hazard class 

Put your trust in Ireland's leading hazardous waste partner

Any waste that is potentially harmful to the environment or to human health is classified as ‘hazardous’ under environmental legislation. Each Stericycle vehicle meets the requirements of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations and all drivers hold current, valid HazChem licenses.