Stericycle responsible waste management

Specialist waste requires a specialist approach and Stericycle has a proven track record in supporting local and national companies across the public and private sector. We provide a reliable service that protects your people, safeguards your reputation, improves your sustainability and ensures your organisation remains compliant.

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Responsible management of waste streams

Every day, our teams safely remove massive quantities of regulated waste from the public. In 2018, Stericycle managed nearly 5 billion pounds of complex waste worldwide. No single treatment option is optimal for all waste streams because of very different risk profiles and regulations. While we recycle whenever possible, medical and hazardous wastes require special treatment because of the high potential for viruses, chemicals and other contaminants harmful to people and the environment.

Nationwide coverage with a local service

Our unrivalled infrastructure of waste treatment facilities, transfer stations and comprehensive fleet of specialist vehicles gives us a real advantage over other companies: 

  • +1700 employees                                                               
  •   500+ specialist vehicles 
  •  20 fully licensed specialist waste facilities

Our commitment

Stericycle is committed to protecting what matters for our customers, our team members, the communities we serve, and the environment.

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We protect what matters.

We protect what matters

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Why we're the perfect partner for you

You segregate

Segregate and store each type of specialist waste separately from your general waste.

We collect

Either on an agreed regular schedule or you can contact us for additional or ad-hoc collections.

We treat & dispose

All your waste is compliantly and securely processed, giving you peace of mind.

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