Anatomical Waste Disposal Solutions

Anatomical waste is always considered as potential infectious waste and must be segregated separately from other healthcare waste items.

For human anatomical waste and animal healthcare

Anatomical waste includes body parts or other recognisable anatomical items that may be offensive to those who come into contact with them. These include:

  • All human and animal tissue (including organs, bones, limbs, digits or parts thereof) with the exception of very small unidentifiable pieces of skin or flesh incidentally removed from treatment of wounds or during very minor surgery (for example mole removal, nail clippings etc);                   
  • Retained or stored (including preserved) human tissue requiring disposal including recognisable items and all tissue samples (e.g. on blocks and slides).

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Anatomical waste management

Black lidded containers are used for the disposal of anatomical waste.

This includes recognisable anatomical waste, placentas, large metal objects and non-autoclaved microbiological cultures. 

Anatomical waste is classified as infectious, and must ALWAYS disposed of via high temperature incineration.

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