Stericycle Gender Pay Findings

  •  Within Stericycle, we have a diverse gender workforce which is dominated by male team members, which is not unusual within the industry sector. 
  • There has been a significant change to the workforce in 2017/18 due to organisation restructuring which has resulted in lower headcount numbers for the period (45% reduction).
  • The negative gender pay gap is 1.7%. The position has shifted from a positive to a negative position in recognition of the number of female team members in post in comparison to males for the same period, and those in receipt of a bonus/commission payment linked to role responsibilities at the time in question. 
  • We continue to have a negative gender bonus gap of 116%. However the figures have been affected due to the change in team members in receipt of a bonus in the period. Despite a drop in female colleagues receiving a bonus in 2017/18, the bonus value is higher for these team members due to the nature of the roles female team members as employed within the organisation.
  • As a contrast to the above, we have a large proportion of male team members associated within Operations who would not attract commission payments, however would qualify for regular overtime payments, which for the purpose of this reporting exercise have been excluded, and therefore the results do not necessarily show a true reflection of pay earnings.

Our Thoughts and Next Steps

  • We recognise the need to level the gap further, and acknowledge that the results are heavily influenced by the gender in balance in certain role types.
  • We aim to do this in conjunction with the Global Compensation team and as part of a new framework to address some of these issues.
  • We will also attempt to attract both gender types in opposite functions where possible.

How we will make a Difference

  • Implement a candidate attraction strategy that promotes diversity and equality within the business.
  • Ensure that the widest possible pool of candidates are encouraged to apply for available roles with a focus on those in under represented groups.
  • Promote and develop a diverse team within other functional disciplines such as Sales or Shared Services.
  • Commit to review overall compensation plans for all role types to ensure fairness and equality in the future.
  • Utilise Apprentice levy funding and develop programmes to ensure pipeline of suitably experienced candidates for succession planning in middle to senior management roles and under represented group roles.
  • Promote flexible working initiatives within the business to encourage and support team members with caring opportunities to achieve a good work/balance.
  • Promote equality and diversity within the business, through education and awareness programmes.
  • Support job shadow and secondment opportunities to enhance better understanding of role opportunities across the business.

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