Corporate Social Responsibility

Stericycle is in the business of protecting what matters to all of us. It is a fulfilling mission and a challenge that drives us every day. We never lose sight that communities around the world and over a million customers are counting on us daily.

We protect people and brands, promote health and safeguard the environment

    We operate in highly regulated and complex arenas that have tremendous environmental and social impact. Every day, Stericycle teams are safely removing potentially infectious and hazardous materials on a massive scale, providing enormous benefit to the public. Our services divert millions of pounds of plastics from landfills and keep our oceans and waterways cleaner. We safely dispose of vast quantities of expired and unused drugs. We keep sensitive information safe, guarding against identity theft, and creating tremendous environmental benefit as we shred and recycle tons of paper worldwide.

    Our focus on the future

      This is an extraordinary time of change and opportunity in Stericycle’s history. We are engaged in a multiyear Business Transformation to streamline and modernise our operations through enterprise technology, real-time metrics and a cohesive global operating approach. Additionally, we have unified our global team around four strategic areas of focus; Safety, Service, Savings and Growth, actionable and timeliness principles to sustain Stericycle’s success and better the world we serve.

      Our commitments

        Protecting what matters is more than a mantra at Stericycle. It is a guiding principle. Because each of our service lines has inherent environmental and human impact, our social commitments and business goals are inextricably linked.

        Responsible management of operations

          Stericycle strives to lead by example. We hold ourselves to high standards in all that we do, from our role as an industry leader and innovator, to the culture we create to how we run our operations day-to-day. In keeping with our entrepreneurial spirit, we are always exploring ways we can improve our business impact while minimising our environmental footprint and protecting precious, finite resources.

          Community outreach

            We believe building relationships and engaging the diverse perspectives of our employees, customers, shareholders, community and government partners, strengthens our vision, builds trust and creates better outcomes.

            The environment, health & safety

              We are on a journey to re-engineer Environmental, Health and Safety across the enterprise with common policies and procedures, repeatable practices and a single EHS operational management system. Our EHS program is as important to us as the quality of our services, customer experience and business results.

              The journey continues

                We have always cared about the environment and our impact on the world around us. It’s simply how Stericycle operates and integral to our standards of excellence. While we recognise there is always room to improve, we never lose sight that we are stewards of the future for generations to come.

                2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Update

                During 2023, Stericycle continued prioritizing safety, responsibility and sustainability, while advancing our strategic Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report outlines our forward-looking global ESG targets and details our investment of time and resources in initiatives that help reduce environmental impact, implement operational enhancements, further DEI initiatives and execute on corporate governance and ethics goals. The report details how we measure our GHG emissions and reductions of those emissions, including methodologies used and our third party verification of greenhouse gas emissions inventory. Key topics from the update include:

                • Environmental Impact
                • Operational and Safety Enhancements 
                • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
                • Corporate Governance and Ethics

                Download our 2023 report to learn more.

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