Bio Systems Sharps Management Solution

Our multi-award winning sharps management service is safe, economical and convenient for large-scale sharps producers.

The only company to offer a complete end-to-end sharps disposal service

We are the only company to offer a complete end-to-end service for sharps management, from sharps bin collection and transportation right through to treatment at our licenced facilities.

Stericycle’s Bio Systems containers are reusable UN-approved puncture-resistant containers  that can be used up to 600 times after washing and disinfection, as opposed to single-use containers that are disposed after just one use.

The process

We ensure that healthcare risk waste is removed from site in a timely and efficient manner.

Once collected, the full sharps containers are taken to the Stericycle treatment facility where they are opened, emptied and disinfected using an automated wash-line that features state-of-the-art robotics.

The disinfected containers are meticulously inspected and then reassembled before they are returned to the hospital for reuse. The clean replacement  containers are supplied on a daily basis, which means there is no waste build up around the site.



The Stericycle Bio Systems service significantly contributes to your sustainability measures. The benefits include:

  • For each reusable Bio Systems container used, up to 600 single-use containers are prevented from being disposed after just one use
  • Environmental impact is reduced, compared with the disposal of containers after a single-use
  • Additionally,  as containers are reused, bulky packaging waste from the purchase of single-use containers is eliminated.



Our Bio Systems service offers a range of benefits to keep your facility, staff and patients safe, including:        

  • Improved compliance, as all sharps containers arrive at the hospital assembled    
  • Pro-active replacement of containers by a trained technician eliminates over-filling of containers   
  • Flexibility to accommodate peak in demand periods with provision for bulk disposal in areas such as operating theatres UN-approved puncture-resistant containers           
  • Unrivalled state of the art technology with a three stage disinfection process and stringent quality controls.      

Furthermore, our unique disinfection process achieves a ‘Log 10′ reduction well in excess of the industry standard!


As the Bio Systems sharps disposal service is a complete package and not just a container, customers find the convenience unparalleled. Users can benefit from: 

  • Freeing up staff and cutting costs significantly diminishing greenhouse gases 
  • Saving space and reducing the risk of needlestick injuries 
  • A choice of two sizes, 7.5ltr and 30.2ltr, with corresponding wall brackets and trollies to maximise use of space 
  • Improved flexibility and convenience for your staff.


Our Bio Systems sharps disposal service provides significant economical benefits to its users through:                                  

  • Generating an average cost saving of between 10-20% against the total costs involved in operating a single-use sharps container service             
  • Potential for insurance policy premiums to be reduced due to the reduction in the number of needlestick injuries    
  • Eliminating the requirement to purchase sharps containers in bulk, eradicating the need to dedicate valuable time to managing stock.

Why Stericycle?

Your single nationwide provider

With 18 facilities and a fleet of over 320 trucks, Stericycle ensures seamless, expert waste management across the UK, prioritising safety, sustainability and compliance.

Your sustainability partner

Our sustainable solutions and services helped customers divert 46 million kilograms of plastics from landfills and treat 590 million kilograms of medical waste during 2023, reducing environmental impact.

Your end-to-end solution

Stericycle offers peace of mind with regulatory compliance and traceability throughout the entire process. We manage every aspect of waste in-house, from collection to disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of different types of containers that can be used to dispose of sharps, depending on which waste stream is appropriate. You can find the right types of sharps containers here.

Firstly, consider the appropriate waste stream that you require containers for - you can then contact us here to discuss.

Any item with sharp edges or points that are used to or can puncture the skin in clinical environments, laboratories, health and well being facilities and training centres. This includes medical items such as needles or scalpels but can also include glass or plastics.

Sharps containers are both reusable or non reusable. Our Bio Systems containers can be reused up to 600 times, reducing environmental impact significantly when compared with single use containers.

The Bio Systems Sharps Management service can be used by any large scale sharps producer, such as hospitals, laboratories and high volume premises.