About Us

For over 30 years Stericycle has delivered innovative solutions that protect people and brands, promote health, and safeguard the environment.

A Specialist approach

    Specialist waste requires a specialist approach and Stericycle has a proven track record in supporting local and national companies across the public and private sector. We provide a reliable service that protects your people, safeguards your reputation, improves your sustainability and ensures your organisation remains compliant.

    About Us - our approach
    About us - national coverage

    National coverage with a local service

      Our unrivalled infrastructure of waste treatment facilities, transfer stations and comprehensive fleet of specialist vehicles gives us a real advantage over other companies:

      • +1,700 employees
      • 500+ specialist vehicles
      • 20 fully licensed specialist waste facilities

      Global Sustainability Highlights

        We deliver essential sustainability services that protect the public from harmful wastes, promote recycling and alternative use opportunities, and lead to greater security and well-being around the world. 

        In 2020 Stericycle:

        • Responsibly disposed of 1.5 billion pounds of medical waste, protecting the public from potentially infectious material.
        • Safely disposed of 40 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste, ensuring they do not end up in waterways.
        • Shredded and recycled 1.1 billion pounds of paper—safeguarding both confidential information and the environment.
        • Diverted more than 100 million pounds of plastics from landfills with reusable containers for sharps and pharmaceutical disposal.
        • We recognise that sustainability is a continuous pursuit. No matter how much we achieve, there is always more that can be done tomorrow. Our challenge and our responsibility every day is to make a difference by protecting what matters.
        About us - Global Sustainability Highlights

        The Stericycle commitment


            Stericycle is committed to protecting what matters for our customers, our team members, the communities we serve, and the environment.

            We protect what matters

            "We take our responsibilities as a global leader and a global citizen very seriously, constantly asking how we can achieve a higher standard."

            Cindy Miller

            Stericycle President and Chief Executive Officer