Sharps Waste Disposal Solutions

Whether you are a small business or high volume premises, we offer safe and compliant collection and disposal services for all your sharps waste.

Convenient and Safe Sharps Disposal with a Compliance Expert

A Well Known Risk

Sharps is the term used for any item with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut the skin. This includes medical items but also broken glass or plastics. Sharps can cause injury and may carry the risk of infection, so it is important that they are managed carefully and correctly.

Comprehensive Management of Sharps Waste

While many healthcare organisations focus on how to safely and compliantly dispose of sharps waste inside their organisation, they can lose sight of what happens to waste once it leaves the facility. From disposal to transportation to treatment, a knowledgeable medical waste management partner can play a key role in ensuring the waste management process is handled properly from end to end.

Compliant Sharps Management

We manage the sharps disposal from clinical environments, laboratories, training centres, independent businesses and health and well being facilities.

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Types of sharps

Sharps that have been contaminated with medicinal products

The yellow waste stream is used for waste that has been produced from the treatment of infectious patients or those suspected of having an infection. Yellow-stream waste must be treated by alternative technology, via shredding and sterilisation at our EPA licenced facility.

Sharps contaminated with hazardous medicine

The purple waste stream is used for any waste contaminated by hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines (e.g. chemotherapy drugs, birth control, chloramphenicol). Purple-stream waste must be sent for above 1,000 degree incineration at a suitably authorised facility. Purple-lidded sharps containers are for sharps that are contaminated with hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines.

Organisations using sharps

For smaller independent businesses, we offer a single use sharps container solution

We supply UN-approved containers of various sizes with colour-coded lids, For customers seeking a proactive approach, we provide a scheduled service for regular collections. 

For hospitals, laboratories and high volume premises we also offer the option of reusable sharps containers

We supply our prorietary Bio Systems UN-approved containers of various sizes with colour-coded lids as well as our proprietary Bio Track system to aid with tracking to ward / department level on either a Managed or Non-managed service.

Why we're the perfect partner for you

You segregate

Segregate and store each type of specialist waste separately from your general waste.

We collect

Either on an agreed regular schedule or you can contact us for additional or ad-hoc collections.

We treat & dispose

All your waste is compliantly and securely processed, giving you peace of mind.

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