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Enhance dental waste management with our e-learning course

Discover a comprehensive e-learning course designed to improve employee understanding of their role in the safe disposal of dental and healthcare waste. Join Stericycle's CPD-accredited Dental Waste Management course and ensure your practice remains compliant while keeping your employees safe. Take the next step in promoting best practices in healthcare & dental waste management today.

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Learn at your own pace with four engaging modules

The Dental Waste Management e-learning course from Stericycle comprises four engaging modules, each offering essential insights and practical knowledge.

Gain the expertise you need to navigate waste management regulations with confidence.

Intro to Waste Management

Understand the legal requirements and industry best practices for clinical waste management. This module lays the foundation for effective waste management strategies, ensuring compliance and reducing risks.

Reviewing your dental waste

Learn what healthcare risk waste is within your dental practice. Identify areas for improvement and optimise waste management procedures to enhance safety and sustainability.

Healthcare risk waste streams

Identify and segregate waste properly. Explore techniques and guidelines to separate different types of waste, minimising the potential for cross-contamination and promoting efficient disposal.

Storing and transporting your dental waste

Discover the best practices for storing, transporting and treating dental waste. Gain insights into proper storage methods, secure transportation protocols, and environmentally responsible treatment options.

Boost your knowledge and skills with essential learning

Stericycle’s Dental Waste Management e-learning course gives you and your staff:

We are Committed to Shaping a Healthier and Safer World 

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A comprehensive understanding of waste management regulations and best practices.

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In-depth knowledge of waste segregation techniques and their impact on safety and sustainability

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Real-life examples to reinforce learning and provide practical application scenarios

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Animated content, making the course both educational and enjoyable

Course Benefits

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Convenient and accessible: Complete the course online, at your own pace, from anywhere with an internet connection

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Bite-sized learning: Modules are divided into manageable sections with knowledge checks for maximum retention.

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Consistent training: Ensure a uniform learning experience for all staff members and access progress reports and completion rates through our reporting tools.

CPD accredited: Assurance that the course has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

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