Other solutions for your dental practice & staff

  • WEEE - We can help you manage your waste electric and electronic equipment in a safe, compliant and environmentally friendly way.
  • Information protection - Information comes in many forms, not only paper documents and computer hard drives.
  • Pet Cremation - Working in partnership with veterinary practices, we provide pet owners with a locally delivered pet cremation service.

How we help

There are strict compliance requirements around healthcare and dental waste. It must be correctly segregated, appropriately labelled and packaged for transport, stored safely in a secure place and described accurately on all documentation. But we know that you didn’t choose a career in dental care to focus on the complexities of waste management - that’s our passion!

Why we’re the perfect partner for you.

You segregate

Segregate and store each type of specialist waste separately from your general waste.

We collect

Either on an agreed regular schedule or you can contact us for additional or ad-hoc collections.

We treat & dispose

All your waste is compliantly and securely processed, giving you peace of mind.



What are the dangers of failing to dispose of waste correctly and promptly?

Compliant waste management is critical in the protection of people, the environment and our communities.

Poor waste management exposes employees, waste handlers and the community to infections, toxic effects and injuries. Such as air, water pollution, disease and needle stick injuries.

Failure to correctly segregate, store, transport and treat healthcare waste can result in pollution, prosecution, fines and bad publicity.


Why do we segregate and colour code waste?

In Ireland the mixing of waste streams is prohibited by law - the waste producer is legally required to correctly segregate, label, package and store their waste. 

The national colour-coded segregation system identifies and segregates waste on the basis of waste classification and suitability of treatment/disposal options.

When segregating waste you must consider both the appropriate waste stream (colour coding) and the appropriate packaging.


What is specialist dental waste?

There are dental specific hazardous wastes that, if not disposed of properly, could cause harm to people and the environment.

Dental specific waste includes:

Amalgam capsules, removed fillings and sludge

Lead waste  

X-ray chemicals

Gypsum waste