Other solutions for your practice & staff

  • WEEE - We can help you manage your waste electric and electronic equipment in a safe, compliant and environmentally friendly way
  • GP practice compliance 
  • Information protection - Information comes in many forms, not only paper documents and computer hard drives
  • Pet Cremation - Working in partnership with veterinary practices, we provide pet owners with a locally delivered pet cremation service.

How we help

There are strict compliance requirements around hazardous and non-hazardous healthcare waste. It must be correctly segregated, appropriately labelled and packaged for transport, stored safely in a secure place and described accurately on all documentation. But we know that you didn’t choose a career in medicine to focus on the complexities of waste management - that’s our passion!

Why we're the perfect partner for your GP practice.

You accumulate

Place the containers that we provide you appropriately around your facility and begin accumulating your waste.

We collect

You can pre-arrange a regular collection schedule or call us if you need an ad-hoc pick up.

We treat & dispose

All your waste is compliantly and securely processed, giving you peace of mind.

Better specialist waste management starts here

Working in partnership with your practice, our waste management specialists will evaluate the products, services and frequencies most suitable for your practice and create the most valuable and cost effective solution for you.

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Complete this enquiry form and one of our waste management specialists will contact you to discuss your specialist waste needs and provide a free quote.