Types of pharmaceutical waste

We collect and dispose of all pharmaceutical waste, including out-of-date pharmaceuticals, controlled drugs destruction kits, cytotoxic and cytostatic waste and recalled pharmaceutical stock.

Hazardous medicinal waste

Purple stream pharmaceutical waste is used for any waste contaminated by hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines (e.g. chemotherapy drugs, birth control, chloramphenicol). Purple-stream waste must be sent for above 1,000 degree incineration at a suitably authorised facility. Purple-lidded sharps units are for sharps that have been used in the administration of, or are contaminated by, hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines. Non-sharps waste that are contaminated with cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines in their original packaging or blister packs, or denatured.

Denaturing kits

Denaturing kits are used for the safe disposal of old medicines, including controlled drugs, that are in tablet, powder, liquid or ampoule form. Once used, the kits can be disposed of in the purple lidded containers.

Proven track record

We offer technical expertise, advice and services to help you dispose of pharmaceutical waste safely and effectively, in compliance with all current legislative requirements.