A well known risk.

Sharps is the term used for any item with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut the skin. This includes medical items but also broken glass or plastics. Sharps can cause injury and may carry the risk of infection, so it is important that they are managed carefully and correctly.

Sharps that have been contaminated with a medicinal product

The yellow waste stream is used for waste that has been produced from the treatment of infectious patients or those suspected of having an infection. Yellow-stream waste must be treated by alternative technology, via shredding and sterilisation at our EPA licenced facility. 

Sharps contaminated with hazardous medicine

The purple waste stream is used for any waste contaminated by hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines (e.g. chemotherapy drugs, birth control, chloramphenicol). Purple-stream waste must be sent for above 1,000 degree incineration at a suitably authorised facility. Purple-lidded sharps containers are for sharps that are contaminated with hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines.

For smaller independent businesses, we offer a single use sharps container solution.

We supply UN-approved containers of various sizes with colour-coded lids, For customers seeking a proactive approach, we provide a scheduled service for regular collections. Where volumes are low, an on-call service is available for less frequent collections.

For hospitals, laboratories and high volume premises we offer a reusable sharps container solution.

We supply UN-approved containers of various sizes with colour-coded lids as well as our proprietary Bio Track system to aid with tracking to ward / department level on either a Managed or Non-managed service.

Compliant sharps management

We manage the sharps disposal from clinical environments, laboratories, training centres, independent businesses and health and well being facilities.

FAQ's - Sharps Management

How to dispose of sharps containers?

There are a number of different types of containers that can be used to dispose of sharps, depending on which waste stream is appropriate. You can find the right types of sharps containers here.

Where can I get a sharps container?

Firstly, consider the appropriate waste stream that you require containers for - you can then contact us here to discuss.

What goes in to a sharps container?

Any item with sharp edges or points that are used to or can puncture the skin in clinical environments, laboratories, health and well being facilities and training centres. This includes medical items such as needles or scalpels but can also include glass or plastics. You can find out more information on which containers can be used for sharps disposal here.

Are sharps containers reusable?

Sharps containers are both reusable or non reusable. Blue lidded or purple lidded sharps containers can only be used once. Our Bio Systems containers can be reused up to 600 times, reducing environmental impact significantly when compared with single use containers.

Who is the Bio Systems Sharps Management for?

The Bio Systerms Sharps Management service can be used by any large scale sharps producer, such as hospitals, laboratories and high volume premises.